New book of sustainable floristry techniques

A Guide to floral mechanics by Sarah Diligent and William Mazuch. Kensington flowers are very proud  to have pledged our support to make the publication of this book possible.


In her own words, Sarah’s ethos is ‘working with nature, doing no lasting damage and bringing joy’.

Although floristry looks like a green industry, in recent years people have begun to recognise its environmental impact; in particular the use of green florists foam which releases micro plastics into the water cycle when it disintegrates.

Kensington flowers has already moved to natural biodegradable wrapping, including ‘eco wraps’  and has dramatically reduced its use of single use plastics and if we have to use  floral foam , we choose biodegradable.  Although these were important moves, there is more to do. Sarahs book is a technical manual for florists about how to avoid the negative impacts of floristry on our planet.

Excitingly, the book might also be suitable for enthusiastic amateurs.  Sarah’s writing partner William Mazuch, has a background in industrial design. His focus is on the materials and technical skill but his aim with the book is to ‘demystify the process’.  As Sarah has explained, ‘We’ve taken inspiration from Ikea furniture assembly instructions, car manuals and recipe books to create a book that is easy to follow, clear and absolutely achievable.

With this book the pair aim to ‘surprise people, make people happy and do it well’.  We are very happy to have supported this brilliant, timely publication thats just been released.

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